Ukrainian Army check-point at Smile is under attack for the last few days

Pro-Russian terrorists who control Lugansk and few other areas of Lugansk Region continue their attach on Ukrainian Army check-point near Smile village. The shelling started on October 13 and it was mentioned by OSCE special monitoring mission in their report published few days ago. You can read full report here

On the evening of 13 October, a Ukrainian military officer told the SMM that armed forces affiliated to the “Lugansk People’s Republic” (“LPR”) had advanced towards a Ukrainian military checkpoint (CP) between Khoroshe and Smile (approximately 40km northwest of Luhansk city), and had issued the Ukrainian soldiers there with an ultimatum: either surrender or face attack. Early in the morning of 14 October, a Ukrainian military officer attached to the Joint Control and Co-ordination Centre (JCCC) in Debaltseve (75km northeast of Donetsk city) told the SMM that fighting was on-going around the CP in question.

Smile on the map

Smile on the map

The National Security and defense Council of Ukraine also reported that because of the shelling Smile and Tryokhibenka villages that have total population of 3500 people got cut off from gas supply. Ukrainian military had to fire back at the terrorists and destroyed few tanks that took part in the attack on the check-point.

Ukrainian reporters visited the check-point in the area which is under attack..

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