Two houses got on fire after LPR terrorists shelled suburbs of Shchastya city.

Yesterday evening terrorists of so-called Lugansk People’s Republic shelled Shchastya city from their positions at Vesela Hora using different type of weapon, including anti-aircraft gun, automatic grenade launchers and machine guns.

Attacks in Lugansk Region in the last 24 hours

Attacks in Lugansk Region in the last 24 hours

At about 6pm two houses in the suburbs of Shchasya got on fire as a result of shelling. Another grenade fired from automatic grenade launcher hit three storied residential building on Gagarina st. Fortunately, nobody was wounded among civilian population. There is also no info about killed or wounded among military. Today in the morning in was quiet in the city.

There was military activity in few other villages located on the demarcation line. In the suburbs of Krymske near tuberculosis dispensary in the evening and at night there was shooting between Ukrainian soldiers and terrorists and it repeated few times. Today after 11am in Krymske people could hear sounds of explosions that were coming from the Bahmutka road near Zholobok village (occupied by Russian troops) and Ukrainian checkpoint #29.

Troitske (located near Debaltseve) was shelled few times from mortars and automatic weapon. One of the mines exploded on a farm and caused minor damage. Today at about 11:30am enemy tank platoon lined up on front of Ukrainian Army positions from the side of occupied Kalynove village. Now there is no military activity in Troitske area.

On the rest of the territory of Luganks Region is quiet.

Reported by Hennadiy Moskal on April 27 2015 at

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