Terrorists shelled at Novotoshkivske 3 times using MRLS. Locals don’t want to leave.

Novotoshkivske was shelled 3 times from “Grad” MRLS. Locals refuse to leave the village and don’t let to take their children out of there.

Novotoshkivske is under attack

Novotoshkivske is under attack

Yesterday on February 16 2015 Novotoshkivske village which is located near Ukrainian Army checkpoint #29 on Bahmutka road was shelled by terrorists from Kirovsk 3 times by “Grad” MRLS. The Governor of Lugansk Region Hennadiy Moskal visited the village today. 1st time the village was shelled at 9.15am, 2nd time at 10.15am and 3rd time at about 11.30am.

Few rockets blew up in residential areas and damaged multi-storey buildings. Nobody got hurt as those who are still in Novotoshkivske spend most of the time in the basements.

– Hennadiy Moskal

Moskal brought medicine to Novotoshkivske and asked villagers to give him permission to take their children to safe territories. But people refuse to leave and don’t allow to take their children out of there. Terrorists were also shelling at Ukrainian Army checkpoint #29. Last Friday high pressure gas pipe was damaged there and some gas is still burning.

Reported by Hennadiy Moskal

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