Terrorists run away from Lugansk People’s Republic and surrender to Ukrainian Army

Terrorist who surrendered to Ukrainian Army

Terrorist who surrendered to Ukrainian Army

A lot of people who joined illegal military groups would like to lay down arms and get to the territory controlled by Ukraine and they are looking for a way to do that. Two terrorists of so-called Lugansk People’s Republic who run away from their leaders are looking for protection in Ukraine. These deserters surrendered to Ukrainian Army on checkpoint near Zolote city in Lugansk Region.

Security Service of Ukraine checked them and found out that both fugitives as many other terrorists of so-called “Army of South-East” have criminal past. 26 y.o. man from Bryanka has been in prison twice for robbery. 40 y.o. man from Sverdlovsk spent 11 years in prison for murder.

The older terrorist confessed that he was trained by Russian instructors in Yeysk city of Russian Federation. During 10 days he became operator-commander of surface-to-air missile system “Strela-10″. Such systems were supplied to terrorists from the territory of Russian Federation.

On January 21 2015 we have reported about “Strela-10″ in Bryanka and confirmed the location of Russian Military base in that city, you can check that report here http://lugansk-news.com/confirmed-location-of-russian-army-9k35-strela-10-in-bryanka-lugansk-region/ So it’s possible that same guy was driving the vehicle on the photo below.

Russian surface to air missile system 9K35 Strela-10 in Bryanka

Russian surface to air missile system 9K35 Strela-10 in Bryanka

He also told about torture and humiliation that the leaders of illegal military groups did to him. Drunk soldiers and commanders were beating him for almost two days in a raw and keeping him in iron cage.

Security Service of Ukraine reminds to those who are still afraid to leave terrorist groups that according to Article 258-3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine a person who voluntarily reported about terrorist activity and helped to stop or investigate it, if this person didn’t other crime, this person is discharged from criminal responsibility.

Reported by Security Service of Ukraine at sbu.gov.ua

Below you can check the video of the interview with those two men.

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