Terrorists resumed heavy shelling near Shchastya in Lugansk Region. Ukraine lost 1 WIA and APC.

Last night and tonight Shchastya was heavily shelled by mortars and grenade launchers. Terrorists opened fire from the side of occupied Vesela Hora village and hit the area near the bridge over Siverskiy Donets River where Ukrainian Army fortifications are located.

Shchastya Bridge

Shchastya Bridge

According to the information we have now, at least one armored personnel carrier (APC) was hit and one soldier was seriously wounded. Few country houses burnt out after the mines and grenades hit them.

Power line was damaged, so the electric supply was switched to reserve line. One of the mine damaged gas pipe line, but repair team managed to fix it before the morning. Residential areas of the city was out of the zone that was under fire, all city infrastructure works.

Reported by Hennadiy Moskal at moskal.in.ua

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