Terrorists of LPR attacked Ukrainian Army positions near Tryokhizbenka.

Today April 29 early in the morning there was a fight between Ukrainian soldiers and terrorists of so-called Lugansk People’s Republic near Tryokhizbenka village.

Terrorists attacked Tryokhizbenka bridge

Terrorists attacked Tryokhizbenka bridge

A group of terrorists approached destroyed bridge over Siverskiy Donets River located on demarcation line and they opened fire at the direction of Ukrainian Army positions, first they used sniper riffle and later automatic weapon. The fight started, three Ukrainian soldiers were wounded (2 of them seriously). After the fight terrorists were pushed back, now at 10:30, it is quiet in Tryokhizbenka. Wounded soldiers are transported to a hospital.

Reported by Hennadiy Moskal at moskal.in.ua

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