Terrorists increase number of attacks on Ukrainian Army positions in Lugansk Region.

Military activity in Lugansk Region increased along the front line. Terrorists were attacking the suburbs of Troitske where Ukrainian Army positions are located almost all night, they used automatic weapon and grenade launchers. The last attack was registered today at 5:45am.

Attacks in Lugansk Region in the last 24 hours

Attacks in Lugansk Region in the last 24 hours

There was military activity yesterday near Shchastya, terrorists used big caliber machine guns to attack positions of Ukrainian Army. Terrorists opened fire from their positions at Vesela Hora. There was automatic fire on Bahmutka road near checkpoint #29 and near Stanytsia Luhanska. Local people were not affected, and there was no information about killed or wounded soldiers.

One of the villages located on demarcation line, Krymske, was basically blocked because of bad weather. The dirt road from Svitlichne was ruined after snow and rain, regular transport couldn’t go there. Last week pension was delivered to Krymske and now soldiers are helping civil population with food. In case the situation with food or other essential things gets critical, all needed will be delivered using military vehicles.

Reported by Hennadiy Moskal at moskal.in.ua

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