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Two women were trying to cross Ukrainian border with documents issued in occupied Crimea and Lugansk

State Border Guard Service of Ukraine detained two women yesterday who were trying to get into Ukraine using documents issued in occupied of Crimea and Lugansk.

Passport of so-called Lugansk People's Republic

Passport of so-called Lugansk People’s Republic

One woman was detained in Kherson airport by border control service. While going through passport control a woman showed Russian international passport issued on the territory of Crimea after it was already occupied by Russia. The document has no legal power and the woman who violated Ukrainian laws will be sent back to Turkey on the return flight.

Another woman arrived to “Hoptivka” checkpoint located in Kharkiv Region yesterday. She was trying to enter the territory of Ukraine with a passport of so-called “Lugansk People’s Republic”. She got the document in Lugansk in September 2015 and she showed that document while going through border control. She explained that she left Lugansk Region with that document via border checkpoint “Izvaryne” which is officially closed now, she got to the territory of Russia. She had no problems during passport control in Russian checkpoint “Nehoteyevka”. Border control officers called for Security Service of Ukraine and took the passport.

Reported by State Border Guard Service of Ukraine at http://dpsu.gov.ua