Security Service neutralized anti-Ukrainian group in Lysychansk that worked for terrorists

Security Service neutralized a group in Lysychansk that planned to create anti-Ukrainian resistance following orders of terrorists of so-called Lugansk People’s Republic.

Ex-paratrooper detained in Lysychansk

Ex-paratrooper detained in Lysychansk

Ex-paratrooper who escaped mobilization to Armed Forces of Ukraine was the leader of that group. He was planning to join terrorists of “LPR” and make “a career” there. While the group was planning to create resistance they were sending information to terrorists about location of units of Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO)

Another member of the group was collecting information. The woman was getting information from military and personnel of ATO forces. Professional IT guy was sending encrypted data via electronic channels. The information was sent to curator of the group who was a member of one the terrorist organization.

Reported by Security Service of Ukraine at

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