Russians plan to open 6 schools in Lugansk

Russians who are currently holding Lugansk city plan to open 6 schools on September 1. There are 60 schools in Lugansk in total. The biggest school is #60 located in the most dense residential area. on the South. The director of this schools is an active member of Party of Regions (controlled by pro-Russian ex-president Yanukovich). The school director also took active part in organizing fake referendum on May 11 used by Kremlin to legalize pro-Russian separatists in Lugansk. Only 200 people agreed to send their kids to the school. Ukrainian government didn’t allow to open schools on the territories controlled by Russian army as it’s impossible to provide power and water to those facilities. Russians promised to pay salary to the teaches who agree to work in the school, they are going to pay in local Ukrainian currency. It is also dangerous to go to schools because terrorist still do random shooting around the city from mortars and the areas where those school are located have been under fire before. So this may be used by Russian propaganda to create image for their news channels about Ukrainian Army killing children at school. Ukrainian Army is still far from Lugansk and is trying to hold their positions and don’t use artillery or aviation in the city limits.

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