Russian terrorists of LPR continue attacks on Ukrainian positions along the front line in Lugansk Region.

Yesterday (March 25) and tonight it was not quiet on the territory of Lugansk Region controlled by Ukrainian authorities. Russian terrorists of so-called Lugansk People’s Republic attacked in three directions.

Map of attacks in Lugansk region in the last 24 hours

Map of attacks in Lugansk region in the last 24 hours

There was a fight with the use of automatic weapon in Tryohizbenka village near destroyed bridge over Siverskiy Donets River. In the evening a group of terrorists got on the bridge and opened fire using grenade launchers at Ukrainian Army positions. After Ukrainian soldiers fired back the enemy retreated. Automatic fire was also heard last night and today in the morning at the suburbs of Stanytsia Luhanska. There was also automatic fire between Krymske (controlled by Ukrainian Army) and Sokolniki (occupied by terrorists). There were no killed or wounded among civil population, and there is no information regarding casualties among Ukrainian soldiers.

Towns and villages on the front line continue to restore normal life. The dirt road to Krymske was cleaned with the help of the Army from the side of Svitlichne village. Now the weather is dry, so cars can pass there. People continue to come back to the village who left it before during military activities. And yesterday in Stanytsia Luhansk 1st marriages was registered since the last year. Young couple were dressed in the wedding clothes and walked on the central square. There were no weddings since last Summer when military activities started.

– Hennadiy Moskal, the head of Lugansk Regional State military-civil administration.

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