Pro-russian terrorists continue shelling Popasna and Chornukhyne in Lugansk Region

It was relatively quiet during February 16 on the territory of Lugansk Region controlled by Ukrainian authorities. But terrorists didn’t stop fire completely. The part of Popasna close to where Ukrainian positions are located was under artillery fire. There is also military activity near Chornukhyne on Debaltseve direction. There is no information about causalities among civilian population.

Popasna and Chornukhyne are still under attack

Popasna and Chornukhyne are still under attack

The government is using the time while it’s quiet to restore the infrastructure that was damaged. 27 multi-storey residential buildings in Shchastya city are without central heating that should be restored till the end of the day. 60% of Popasna town was left without gas supply since the morning. With the help of military guys several old people including one who can’t walk were evacuated from Krymske village located near former Ukrainian Army checkpoint #31. There are still about 300 people there including 6 kids age range 3-15 years old who refuse to leave.

Toshkivka, Nyzhne, Svitlichne and Krymske have no gas since the gas pipe was damaged on Bahmutka road near Ukrainian Army checkpoint #29. It was -16C in Lugansk Region this morning.Workers already went there to fix the problem, but it is not clear when they will be able to finish their task.

Reported by Henadiy Moskal

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