Pro-Russian terrorists are shelling at Stanytsia Luhanska

Today at 9 am pro-Russian terrorists started shelling at Stanytsia Luhanska using mortars, artillery and heavy machine guns. One of the shells exploded 300 meters from city administration building, one garage was destroyed and residential buildings were damaged. City administration and other government institution had to stop their work and sent the staff home.

The Governor of Lugansk Region Henadii Moskal said that the terrorists started shelling the city after Ukrainian government managed to restore the power, water and heating supply to the city, bank system and government institution started to work, the city got new head of administration. Unfortunately the situation is like this, government spends 1 000 UAH to restore ruined areas and terrorists start shelling again making the damage for a million. The area of Stanytsia Luhanska is unprotected against terrorists attacks, the distance between the city and terrorists positions is about 1.5 km. Locals report that terrorists bring more armored vehicles and infantry.

Hennadii Moskal contacted the head of Joint Staff Muzhenko asking him to do everything needed to protect Stanytsia Luhanska

Stanytsia Luhanska map

Stanytsia Luhanska map

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