Pro-Russian terrorist shelled power plant near Lugansk. Half of the region has no electricity.

Today on July 28 early in the morning pro-Russian terrorists of so-called Lugansk People’s Republic shelled power plant in Shchastya using mortars. As a result power block #13 got switched off, another one is still working. Most part of Lugansk Region lost electric power.

Pro-Russian terrorists attacke power plan in Shchastya

Pro-Russian terrorists attacke power plan in Shchastya

Now repair workers are trying to start extra power block.

 Terrorists continue shell Lugansk Region. After yesterday attack that was pushed back, terrorists decided to revenge and shelled Lugansk power plant located in Shchastya. Repair workers are doing everything they can to restore power supply.

– George Tuka, the head of Lugansk Region.

Reported by Lugansk Regional State Administration at

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