People of Lugansk Region took part in Parliament elections



Part of Lugansk Region is still occupied by pro-Russian terrorists and regular Russian Army. So people there couldn’t take part in Parliament elections today. Other people living in the liberated areas could vote. But still a lot of them were afraid and the number of those who used their right to vote is not very high. Central Election Commission reports that only about 32.94% of people in liberated cities came to vote. You can read the report at Central Election Commission website here. Some cites like Stanitsya Luhanska have been shelled by terrorists yesterday and today, so even under Ukrainian authorities control it was not possible to provide enough security for those who wanted to take part in Parliament elections. And terrorists were also spreading rumors in the liberated areas that they were going to execute everybody taking part in elections, this way they were trying to scare local population and minimize the number of people coming for express their will. The highers number of people who came to vote in Ukraine was in Lviv Region, about 70% and in general for all Ukraine the number is not high, just a little over 52%.

A lot of people who were forced to leave Lugansk as it was dangerous for them to stay there could vote at any other place of Ukraine. To do that they only needed to come to local authorities that manage Voters Registry, show passport and write application form. They had to do that before October 20. The process was very simple and only takes 10-15 minutes. But the statistics says that not so many refugees used their right to do that.

The Governor of Lugansk Region Henadii Moskal voted in Severodonetsk city at 9 am. This was reported at his website here You can read more about how people voted around Ukraine for different political parties at Parliament Elections in Ukraine.

Henadii Moskal

Henadii Moskal voting at Parliament elections in Severodonetsk




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