Over 21 thousand people crossed the contact line in the East of Ukraine yesterday

In the last few days the number of people crossing the contact line in the East of Ukraine increased by 30%. Usually about 15 000 people were going in and out of occupied territories daily. Yesterday 21 312 people went through checkpoints in Donetsk and Lugansk Regions.

Checkpoint in ATO zone

Checkpoint in ATO zone

In total there are 5 checkpoints operating in the zone of Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO). 4 of them are in Donetsk Region and only 1 in Lugansk Region. Today State Border Guard Service posted exact numbers of people and vehicles that crossed the contact line yesterday. See their report at http://dpsu.gov.ua

Donetsk Region:

1. “Zaitseve” – 6556 people and 1225 vehicles;

2. “Mariinka” – 5385 people and 1170 vehicles;

3. “Novotroitske” – 4235 people and 1265 vehicles;

4. “Hnutove” – 2560 people and 765 vehicles;

Lugansk Region:

1. “Stanytsia Luhanska” – 2576 people

Today in the morning there were 150 vehicles at the contact line in front of “Marrinka” checkpoint going inside government-controlled territory and 115 vehicles going out. There were 300 vehicles going in and 80 going out via “Zaitseve” checkpoint. There were no vehicles at “Novotroitske” and “Hnutove” checkpoints.

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