OSCE vehicle was attacked by a sniper near Donetsk from the area controlled by DPR

Today on January 16 a sniper of illegal armed groups attacked OSCE mission patrol vehicle from the territory of Donetsk Region which is now not under controlled of Ukrainian government. Representatives of special monitoring mission were not hurt, their life is not in danger, but the vehicle was damaged.

OSCE vehicle after it was attacked by DPR sniper near Donetsk

OSCE vehicle after it was attacked by DPR sniper near Donetsk

There is no gas in Mariinka for more than six months already, today there are works to fix damaged gas pipeline and restore gas supply. Representatives of OSCE SMM were on patrol with Ukrainian officers of Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC), engineers of State Emergency Service of Ukraine and soldiers of civil-military cooperation tactical group “Donetsk”. The main task of joint patrol was to provide security for civil personnel that who were doing repair works.

Observers of Ukrainian part of JCCC have noted on numerous occasions that shelling from the side of militants of illegal armed groups continue in order to postpone the process of restoration of infrastructure located on the territory controlled by Ukrainian government, also in Mariinka town and to frighten OSCE SMM observers and repair workers.

Ukrainian side of JCCC insists that it is unacceptable for people to work under shelling and there was a group created inside Ukrainian side of JCCC in order to work on restoration of infrastructure of Donbass. Again we have to say that Russian side of JCCC right now can’t secure complete cease-fire from the side of militants even during repair works on restoration of electric power lines, water pipes and gas pipes on the territories that were defined as priority in Minsk.

Reported by Ukrainian side of JCCC at www.mil.gov.ua

UPDATE: January 16 at 5:27pm. Special Monitoring Mission of OSCE confirmed attack on their vehicle in Mariinka town located near Donetsk and posted a statement at their Facebook page

The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine can confirm an incident in which fire hit one of the SMM vehicles while on patrol in Marinka, close to the contact line in the Donetsk region.
None of the SMM patrol members was injured, one vehicle sustained damage.
The patrol left the area immediately.
The Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) has been informed about the incident. A Spot Report will be issued later today.
The SMM condemns this violent attack against its unarmed civilian monitors.

UPDATE: January 16 at 6:51pm.  MFA of Ukraine made a statement regarding the shooting at the OSCE SMM observers, see http://mfa.gov.ua

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine strongly condemns the shooting at the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) vehicle by Russia-backed militants on 16 January 2016 in the area of Maryinka.

We regard this case as a blatant attempt to intimidate the OSCE SMM observers and yet another evidence of the deliberate violations by Russia and its proxies of their obligations under the Minsk agreements.

We demand to stop provocations against the OSCE observers, servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and civilians, as well as to ensure the SMM security and its unhindered access to the whole territory of certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, including the uncontrolled by Ukraine sections of the Ukraine-Russia border.

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