KORD is new Ukrainian SWAT police force trained by US instructors

On October 16 twenty officers of new Ukrainian SWAT unit called KORD graduated from the U.S. Advanced Tactical Train the Trainer program. KORD is going to replace all special forces units that existed in Ukraine before. This project was started several weeks ago as part of strategic agreement with US  State Department, one of the best instructors of US special forces units were invited. This program involves State Department Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and Border Patrol. KORD is abbreviation written in Ukrainian as “К.О.Р.Д.” and that means “Corps of Operatively-Rapid Action” (“Корпус Оперативно-Раптової Дії” in Ukrainian).

KORD, new Ukrainian SWAT unit

KORD, new Ukrainian SWAT unit

The Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, Minister Avakov, and NSDC Chairman Turchynov witnessed tactical demonstration scenarios. See the video below.

After Ukrainian officers received their certificates Geoffrey Pyatt addressed with a speech to them, see the transcript and the video below.

Geoffrey Pyatt, the United States Ambassador to Ukraine

Geoffrey Pyatt, the United States Ambassador to Ukraine

First of all I thank you Mr. Minister, Mr. Chairman for inviting us to be with you hear. I also want to say special note of thanks to my colleagues from the US Drug Enforcement Agency and US Border Patrol, Justin is the commander and the rest of the team. Today this event is a capstone of the two week effort which is part of the much larger commitment by the United States Government to partner with Ukraine. We are committed to working with you, working with Minister Avakov and the Interior Ministry to build new institutions which are responsive to the democratic demands of the Ukrainian people. So help construct a new state that does not serve the interests of one family or one individual, but serves the Ukrainian people, reinforces your democracy, upholds the rule of law and keeps your enemies obey. Ukraine confronts today an unprecedented array of challenges. To the East you face a relentless Russian aggressor who is responsible for more than eight thousand Ukrainian deaths with a simple objective of denying of the Ukrainian people their sovereign democratic choice. But equally important is the battle at home, to attack corruption, to put an end to the mafias that so long held Ukraine back from its full potential and to meet the high standards for democratic governments that the Ukrainian people properly present to the Minister and all the other members of this government. It’s for Ukrainian citizens who are your ultimate bosses and it’s their security and law that you are pledged uphold. This is just the first step in the larger process of training vetted Special Weapons and Tactics units that would be a key component of the Interior Ministry… We are proud to be partners in this effort and base on what I’ve seen today I am completely confident that you’ll prevail, so congratulations. Slava Ukraine! (“Glory to Ukraine” in Ukrainian)

– Geoffrey Pyatt

KORD is not going to automatically accept old units, and it’s not going to continue bad traditions of the past. Full reload! KORD is going to be completely new police unit that will take the experience of best Ukrainian and other countries special forces units, it’s going to have most modern tactical and technical equipment.

– Arsen Avakov, the Minister of the Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Ukrainian instructors were ready after several weeks training and intensive 2 week joint exercises with US specialist, those instructors will take part in a process of selecting and further training of police special forces. On October 27 they will start recruitment.

At the 1st stage among those who will be allowed to apply will be officers of volunteer unites of special forces of the Interior Ministry, officers of special forces units like “Sokol” and “Grifon”, and Patrol policemen.

Certificates received by KORD officers after training with US instructors

Certificates received by KORD officers after training with US instructors

U.S. will continue to provide assistance, advice, training and other support in partnership with MOI to stand-up a western model SWAT for Ukraine. See the statement here http://ukraine.usembassy.gov

Arsen Avakov, Turchynov and Geoffrey Pyatt

Arsen Avakov, Turchynov and Geoffrey Pyatt

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