Food from Russian humanitarian aid convoy in Lugansk

People from Lugansk report that they were getting food from Russian “humanitarian” aid convoy. Each person who went to get it was given 3 cans of meat, 2 kilos of rice, 0.5 kilos of sugar and 10 liters of bottled water. As it was reported before, the main aim of Russian convoy was to deliver weapon supply to terrorists. On the way back, Russian trucks were used to get industrial equipment out of Lugansk factories. Russian terrorists are blocking all attempts of Ukrainian government to send food and other support to people trapped in the city. Shops and markets still operate and sell food. But many people run out of cash as all banks are closed. It is also possible to get in and out of Lugansk, but terrorist don’t allow men age 18-60 to leave the city. Some of the people who left Lugansk before are coming back to pick up warm clothes and get out of there.

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