Chornukhyne in Lugansk Region got electricity after 2 months out of power

Lugansk Regional State Administration says thanks to the Minister of Infrastructure Maksym Bubrak and to the management of “Ukrzaliznytsia” (Ukrainian Railways Company) and also to “Donbasenergo” and to “Lugansk Energy Union” for their great job that made it possible to restore power at Chornukhyne.

The Governor of Lugansk Region said that 6500 people of Chornukhyne and also Maximum Security Prison with 1000 prisoners were out of power all this time. During military actions power lines were damaged, so the water supply and heating systems couldn’t work as well. It was not possible to charge a cell phone, check the news or keep food in the fridge. The power line to Chornukhyne goes through the territory occupied by terrorist group of LPR (so-called Lugansk People Republic) and terrorists refused to let the workers from the power company to fix the line and even were shooting at them few times.

So the Governor of Lugansk Region H.Moskal asked the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine to connect the village to the power line that goes to Railway Station at Chornukhyne that doesn’t work right now because of military actions. So “Ukrzaliznytsia” (Ukrainian Railways Company) gave that station to “Lugansk Energy Union” company. Damaged power line was fixed, Ukrainian military and police units provided the security for the workers and “Donbasenergo” started to supply power to the village via that line. Yesterday electricity was restored everywhere in the village, all people got power, water and heating. After living two months of out of power people didn’t believe that they will have electricity in winter and when they finally got the lights in their houses, many of them were crying.

Chornukhyne on the map

Chornukhyne on the map

Reported by the Governor of Lugansk Region at

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