Cease-fire? Number of attacks on Ukrainian positions increased. Military and civilian continue to die.

After two Russian Special Forces soldiers were wounded and captured alive near Lugansk, the number of attacks on Ukrainian Army positions dramatically increased along the front line. Civilians and military from Ukrainian side continue to die everyday.

Map of attacks on Ukrainian Army positions in the last 24 hours.

Map of attacks on Ukrainian Army positions in the last 24 hours.

Yesterday, starting from the noon and till today morning, cities and villages on Ukraine controlled territory located on demarcation line were intensively shelled with the use of different type of weapon.

In Stanytsia Luhanska a private house on Lermontova street got destroyed and burnt after it got hit. Luckily nobody got hurt. The suburbs of Stakhanivets village, where Ukrainian fortifications are located, were shelled starting from 4am to 5:30am by 80 and 120 mm caliber mortars and also from a tank. The fire was opened from occupied Pervomaisk located 3km away from Stakhanivets. Just in 1 and a half hours about 460-480 mines exploded. No soldier got killed or wounded during that attack, residential area wasn’t damaged.

Also yesterday at about 4pm Ukrainian checkpoint in Rodyna village was attacked with the use of automatic grenade launchers. 27 y.o. soldier from “Aidar” battalion was heavily wounded, he was taken to the hospital, but fortunately died after 2 hours after that.

Also yesterday at about 9pm Popasna city was shelled by mortars. Today at about 4am residential area was shelled by mortars again. One of the mines hit residential building on Vorovskogo St. The house got on fire, the owner, 55 y.o. who was hiding in the basement died.

Reported by Hennadiy Moskal at moskal.in.ua

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