Captured Donetsk insurgent said that he got weapon in Russia at military base near Rostov

Security Service of Ukraine together with soldiers of Armed Forces of Ukraine captured 2 insurgents of so-called Donetsk People’s Republic near Hryhorivka village, see it on Google Map here. One of them said that he joined illegal armed groups since the beginning of the conflict in Slovyansk, later he was moved to Russia where he got weapon and ammunition somewhere near Rostov city after that he was returned to the territory controlled by DPR and was checked by Russian FSB secret service.

DPR insurgent captured by Security Service of Ukraine

DPR insurgent captured by Security Service of Ukraine

Below is the video posted by Security Service of Ukraine and the transcript of interrogation of DPR insurgent by Ukrainian officer.

Insurgent #1: In Slovyansk my task was to secure the airport at Cherevkovka (see the location at Google Map here). We were collecting data about movement of military vehicles to the commander Gera

Officer: What was you unit?

Insurgent #1: I was in mechanized infantry units. After I was there for some time we went to Kramatorsk. After 1 day in Kramatorsk we went to Donetsk. I was in Donetsk for 2 days. I got in penal battalion. After that we went to Russia for weapon.

Officer: Where in Russia did you go?

Insurgent #1: Near Rostov, there was some military training ground there. We spent 2 days there, got weapon, small arms weapon, RPG, riffles, ammunition and went to Shcherbak (city on the border with Russia, see location on Google Map here). We were staying for 1 month there. They were checking us. “Faces” looked what we were doing, how we lived there to make sure there were no alcoholics or drug addicted among us.

Officer: You called “Faces” Russians?

Insurgent #1: We called those Russians “Faces” base on what structure they belong to, we thought they were from FSB, so we called them “Faces”.

The second insurgent who is in the same video just said that he was recruited to fight for terrorist battalion “Kalmius” and his tasks was to secure one of the checkpoints and a house of the leader of the group.

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