9th “humanitarian” aid convoy from Russia. Kremlin breaks through Ukrainian border again!

Yesterday December 12 Russia sent another “humanitarian” aid convoy to Ukraine. That’s number 9 already. And again there was no permission from Ukrainian side, no customs or border control. The international laws has been broken again. This time 141 vehicles in total went to some areas of Lugansk and Donetsk Regions controlled by pro-Russian terrorists.

Russian trucks of "humanitarian" aid convoy in Lugansk

Russian trucks of “humanitarian” aid convoy in Lugansk

Russian trucks of "humanitarian" aid convoy

Russian trucks of “humanitarian” aid convoy

State Border Guard Service of Ukraine made a statement on their website regarding this act of invasion.

Russian side sent 9th “humanitarian” cargo. Representatives of Red Cross didn’t take part in cargo transportation, and Ukrainian border guard unit only had visual observation of Russian trucks going through the state border without taking any actions needed for custom control. The trucks were observed on the territory of Russian Federation at the border control checkpoints “Donetsk” and “Matveev Kurgan”

From 07:10 to 08:20 there were 87 vehicles going through “Donetsk” (Russia) border control checkpoint.

From 07:00 to 07:40 there were 54 vehicles going through “Matveev Kurgan” (Russia) border control checkpoint.

– State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Russian "humanitarian" aid convoy. Map.

Russian “humanitarian” aid convoy. Map.

Special Monitoring Mission of OSCE also made a report on this Russian convoy and they described the trucks that went to Lugansk direction with more details. You can read full report at http://www.osce.org/om/131756

On 12 December 2014 at 07:50, the OM observed the arrival of a Russian convoy at the gate of the Donetsk BCP. The convoy consisted of 58 cargo trucks, 19 fuel trucks, 2 escort vehicles, 2 logistics vehicles, 1 command and control vehicle, and 1 ambulance. All cargo trucks bore the inscription “Humanitarian help from the Russian Federation”. The vehicles stopped at the customs control area and the cargo trucks were opened and inspected by Russian border guards and customs officers. The OM saw that Ukrainian officers were present on the site during the inspection process. By 09:20, the convoy had left the BCP towards Ukraine.

At least one official from the Ministry of Emergency Situation was present on site at the Donetsk BCP during the inspection of the convoy.

At 19:05, the convoy arrived at the BCP from Ukraine, lined up at the customs area and was inspected by the RF officials. The OM saw Ukrainian officers on site as well. By 19:47 all 83 vehicles had returned and crossed back into the RF.

– OSCE report.


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