20 973 people crossed the contact line via 4 operating checkpoints in Donetsk Region yesterday

According to recent report of Border Guard Service of Ukraine 20 973 people crossed the contact line in the East of Ukraine yesterday via 4 checkpoints operating in Donetsk Region. Right now there is no checkpoints working in Lugansk Region. So people who travel to Lugansk have to go via Donetsk Region or via Russia.

Checkpoint in Donetsk Region

Checkpoint in Donetsk Region

Here is statistics posted by Border Guard Service of Ukraine today at http://dpsu.gov.ua. That shows number of people and vehicles that crossed the contact line yesterday.

Zaitseve checkpoint – 8 040 people and 1 452 vehicles;

Mariinka checkpoint – 5 06 people and 1 210 vehicle;

Novotroitske checkpoint – 5 188 people and 1 382 vehicles;

Hnutove checkpoint – 2 685 people and 714 vehicles.

Today in the morning there were 200 vehicles at Zaitseve checkpoint going to government-controlled territory and 100 vehicles going out. At Mariinka there were 130 vehicles going in and 300 going out. There were 50 vehicles going in and 80 going out at Novotroitske checkpoint. There were 20 vehicles at Hnutove checkpoint going in both directions.

– Border Guard Service of Ukraine

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