12 POW exchanged today near Donetsk. 156 Ukrainian hostages are still on the list, 11 in Russia.

12 Ukrainian POW were released today in the morning after long negotiation process. The exchange was in a format 1 for 1. It was at Ukrainian checkpoint in Mariinka near Donetsk. 1 released Ukrainian decided to stay in Horlyvka where his family lives, the city is located on the territory controlled by so-called Donetsk People’s Republic. It was planned to exchange POW at night, but Ukrainian group got under heavy fire near the contact line and it was decided to wait till the morning.

12 Ukrainian hostages released today during POW exchange near Donetsk

12 Ukrainian hostages released today during POW exchange near Donetsk

Among those 12 hostages there are some who were kept by terrorists for a year, some were in Ilovaisk and got released. One of those who were released decided to stay with his family that lives in Horlyvka… There were difficult negotiations for several months, the last stage took place yesterday in Minsk and in Donetsk Region and the operation was successful. It was not easy for us in Minsk. But it’s much more difficult for our colleagues as they got under fire last night. I thank Budyk, Ruban for their work and courage and I thank Security Service and Ministry of Defense for their great job that helped to release hostages. There is result in coordination and cooperation.

– Iryna Gerashchenko, see post at www.facebook.com/iryna.gerashchenko

At the briefing Iryna Gerashchenko said that the President of Ukraine during each international meeting raises the question of that part of Minsk Agreement that says about release of all hostage. The Security Service of Ukraine coordinates that process.

In the list of people who were illegally detained are 156 names, those are military, represantatives of volunteer battalions and civilians. At the say time 11 Ukrainian people are in Russian prisons, among them are Nadiya Savchenko, Oleg Setsov and others.

According to Minsk Agreements all hostages must be released including those heroes who were kidnapped and illegally taken to the territory of Russian Federation. The President of Ukraine and the Minister of Foreign Affairs raise this questing during all international meetings and emphasize that Russia ignores that point of Minsk Agreements and they demand from Russia to release those hostages and ask from the world for adequate reaction on Russian actions.

– Iryna Gerashchenko

During ATO operation 2882 people were released. See more details at www.president.gov.ua

Later today Ukrainian Military TV posted the video of POW exchange.

Last POW exchange was near Lugansk on July 10, 10 Ukrainian soldiers were released, see details at 10 Ukrainian hostages released. Soldiers exchanged 10×10 on Shchastya bridge.

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